Management Service

Our complete management and letting service

Aims  to offer a stress-free management service to our landlords and we are proud to offer a full management service with no hidden charges.

Carry out a free, no-obligation property appraisal

We will advise on current rental value and will recommend the standard of presentation required to attract a suitable, quality tenant.   We will advise you of current legislation which both landlords and their properties have to conform to.   We are sure you will have many questions to ensure that your property is in safe hands and we are happy to discuss any queries you may have.

Market your property to potential tenants

We will do this by advertising on,,, and and many other property portals, a full colour window display in our branch, contacting suitable tenants on our existing database and erecting a ‘To Let’ board or poster at the property to attract local interest, if required. This is backed up by our full accompanied viewing service.

Fully vet potential tenants

Beginning verbally at the viewing stage followed by asking the tenant to complete an application form and provide proof of address and photographic identification, the information supplied is verified with a credit check and obtaining references from employer/previous landlord and/or a character reference. Credit checks will also be carried out on guarantors if applicable.

Take a full inventory of the property condition and furnishings

Prior to commencement of the Let. The tenant will sign and accept the inventory as a full and true inventory of the property and this document will be used to assess dilapidations on the date of vacation.

Prepare the tenancy agreement

(Together with Repairing Standards Letter and relevant notices in accordance with Housing Acts, if applicable) in accordance with current Legislation, to protect your legal interests. We will sign all documents on your behalf as Agent of the Landlord. The tenancy will normally be an Assured Shorthold tenancy as this entitles the Landlord to possession of the property at the end of the fixed term. A short assured tenancy must be a minimum of 6 months and the maximum we would advise initially would be 12 months for control purposes. The tenancy agreement details the areas of responsibility between you, your tenant and your agent, basically confirming to all parties who is liable for what in connection with the property. It also clarifies what can or cannot be done to the property, who is liable for repairs or damages, maintenance and utility type charges.

Collect a security deposit

In excess of 1 month’s rental which will be held in a separate Client deposit account to act as a dilapidation bond, therefore, is not returned until the inventory has been fully checked, any damages assessed and proof of payment for final service accounts has been received (or a forwarding address for the final bill has been provided).

Remit rent monthly

Accompanied by a monthly statement of account. Rent is due on the 1st of every month by standing order. We use a computerised property management software system to monitor, control and remit rent to our landlords’ bank accounts with a monthly statement detailing income and expenditure by email or post. We aim to remit rent within 5 working days of the rent clearing our bank account. Should the tenant fall into arrears, as part of our service we will chase rent arrears up to one month using a combination of written, text and email reminders, phone calls and a property visit if required. We will liaise with your insurance provider should rent guarantee insurance be in place alternatively, upon your instruction, we will liaise with a Recovery Agency in order to recover any amounts due to you (such Agencies normally charge a flat rate of approximately £10 to handle the case and take a percentage of any rent recovered).

Carry out a mid tenancy property inspections

To ensure that the tenants are fulfilling their obligations as set out in the lease agreement and that the condition of the property is being maintained. We will contact you upon completing the inspection should any matters require your attention.

Take care of all maintenance issues on your behalf

We will deal with all matters of general and emergency maintenance using either our trade contractors or your own preferred contractors. This will be carried out in accordance to your pre-let instructions in relation to pre-authorised repair limits, your preferred contractors and any warranty and service contracts in place for appliances in the property. We also offer a 24hour property maintenance service in cases of emergency so that any matters requiring urgent attention in your property may be dealt with as soon as possible.

Liaise with landlord and tenant with regards to negotiate lease renewal

We will contact the tenant 2 months prior to the termination date to confirm whether they would like to request a new lease or to confirm that they are vacating the property. Should they request a renewal we would check the tenant’s history of rental payments and condition inspection reports to ensure that they were suitable tenants to recommend for a new lease. We would review the rental at this time and liaise with landlord and tenant to negotiate the terms of the new agreement in relation to rent and length of tenancy. Renewals can be for any length of time; however we would recommend a maximum of 12 months for control purposes.

Organise re-advertising of property

Should the tenant confirm that they are vacating the property and you are happy for us to re-let the property we will advertise the property and commence viewings 1 month before the tenancy is due to end. As a condition of the lease agreement, the tenant must allow access to the property for viewings in the final month, this allows us to maximise the chance of securing a tenant and minimising vacant periods between lets.

Carry out a final condition inspection at the end of the tenancy

To assess dilapidations, in line with the original signed inventory. Outwith general wear & tear, your tenant is responsible for relevant dilapidations where applicable. We will advise the local council and utilities of the tenant’s vacation date.

Offer friendly and professional advice and guidelines

To both tenant and landlord throughout and between each tenancy.