switch happy

Are you unhappy with the service you are receiving (or lack of) from your letting agent?

Do you feel 'stuck' with your letting agent perhaps because you don't want to upset your current tenants, are concerned about cancellation fees, or simply don't want the hassle?
At the end of the day, all letting agents are the same, right? WRONG!

Switch letting agent and you'll be happy you did

"I left (agency name removed) for happy let and it was the best decision ever. They actually do checks on the flat, you get pictures from it to, so your property value is protected and they do transmit the requests from the tenant so you can fix the issues and retain your tenants. They are efficient and pleasant to speak to. I recommend them after over a year of good services... Happyly !"

(Google Review - Feb 2015
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"When I sold my letting agency in 2011, I was lucky in that I had several buyers to choose from.
As I was selling the management of my own rental portfolio as part of the deal, I had to be satisfied that the company I was selling to would do a good job of it. Fortunately, my choice turned out to be a good one; Happy Lets are the best agency I've ever worked with and yes, they are probably even better at it than I was myself!
They still manage my portfolio today and communicate well on repairs, rents, changes of tenancy; rent is always paid out on time; rent is chased diligently if late and regular property inspections are done like clockwork."

(John Wilson former owner of Surehome Property Ltd)

Happy Lets was founded by 2 landlords who, perhaps like yourself, were not satisfied with the level of service being received from other letting agents.
We deliver the service we would expect to receiveā€¦and we have high standards!

We have heard unbelievable accounts of agencies who delay remitting rent, do not update landlords with important information relating to their property and do not carry out routine inspections as promised. More often than not, there is no redress available to the landlord if they feel the agent has not fulfilled their obligations.

It is disappointing to hear that landlords are sticking with sub-standard agencies as they feel 'stuck' so we have made it our mission to help landlords 'find their happy place' by simplifying the process in switching letting agency:

Notify your current agency that you are withdrawing management and we'll take care of the rest; it's that simple!

  1. Email kira@happylets.co.uk to let us know that you want to 'switch happy'. We will provide you with all the information you need and some paperwork detailing our services.

  2. Notify your letting agent that you are switching happy! We will provide you with a template email/letter if required which you can use to notify your current letting agency that you are transferring management to Happy Lets and requesting the required information for the transfer e.g. cancellation notice/fees, tenant contact information, outstanding repairs

  3. We will collect your keys and paperwork from your current letting agency We will also arrange for the tenancy deposit to be transferred to Safedeposits Scotland (government approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme).

  4. We will contact the tenant(s) to inform them of the switch
    We will introduce ourselves as your new managing agents, inform them how to report repairs and any other tenancy issues, and provide them with a new standing order mandate.

What can you expect after the switch?

What fees will I incurr?

Happy Lets will not charge and all of switching services detailed below are free of charge

You may incur a cancellation fee from your current letting agency but this will depend on your terms and conditions with this agency